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Summer & Winter School


Innovation for sustainable leadership and business development

Executive education program 

Université PARIS 1 – the Chair of the AMERICAS

« Innovation for sustainable leadership and business development »

12th – 16th JUNE 2017

Click on this link to read Initiates file downloadthe program 


This EXECUTIVE education program is aimed at those from either a business or scientific background who have a passion for creating more welfare, multicultural, competitive and innovative business models in INNOVATION AND ENVIRONMENT. By the end of this program on « INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT », participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate as international business and innovative leadership in all sectors.

- Learn the methodology for conducting multicultural and welfare projects
- Mastering human management and innovative project teams
- Know the phase environmental and creative management
- Mastering the intricacies, challenges and issues of innovative and competitive sectors
- Mastering the strategy and change management including corporate environmental and social strategy
- Being able to position the strategic challenges of their business in a globalized and digital world
- Understand the European market and cross-countries experience
- Develop a global vision of the company and to appropriate strategic management methods
- Position yourselves as key players in a sustainable business and in a multicultural management

Summer & Winter School Programs

The chaire of the Americas organized every year summer and winter school for students, especially from North and South america universities partners.

It is program organize inside Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne buildings.