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Tuition Fees

1. The tuition fee per academic year is set to 6 500 euros. The fee covers 60 ECTS credits of courses in the Fall and the Spring semesters, which corresponds to what is required per year in the Bologna system, together with services and facilities offered in the MMEF programme.

There is no application fees.

2. The fees do not cover xerox, books, accommodation, health insurance (for students more than 28), meals, or general expenses. However the following facilities are offered

  • Accommodation reservation. A few rooms in students' residences are available for the programme. Participants wishing to make a reservation should contact the Secretariat as quickly as possible.
  • Library. Students will have access to the libraries of the university.
  • Health insurance. The French « Sécurité Sociale » is covered by the fees for students less than 28.
  • Internet. Access to internet is provided at the Maison des Sciences Economiques together with computer facilities.

3. The first part of the fees (1000 euros) not refundable is paid after the students accept the invitation into the programme and the remaining fees (5 500 euros) have to be paid before June 15 (unless otherwise specified).

5. There is no procedure of refunding: the fees paid are not refunded.