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Health Insurance

- Social Security : Health insurance covering reimbursement of medical expenses is mandatory in order to obtain a residence permit.

Students from the European Economic Area and Québec are exempt from this requirement ; they must produce the E111

form (SE401Q102 Bis form for Québecois) supplied by the health insurance authority of their country.

Other students may benefit from the students' health-insurance scheme (already included under Paris 1 registration fee : around 190 Euros) if they have less than 28 years old or otherwise they would have to subscribe to the universal health-insurance coverage scheme (couverture maladie universelle, CMU).


More about the French social security

- Mutuelle : A complementary health insurance is not compulsory but strongly recommended. This is a student insurance program costing from 125 to 250 Euros per year depending on the coverage offered (including civil liability and accident).


- Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion Service : The University has a Preventive and Health Promotion Service, which offers medical services to students free of charge

     Centre Pierre Mendès-France

     90 rue de Tolbiac, 75013 Paris

     4th stair, Office A4 02

     Phone : 01 44 07 89 50

     Fax : 01 44 07 89 55

Open from Monday to Friday 9h AM to 5h PM.


- Other medical assistance in Paris 1:
     Centre Pierre Mendès-France

     90 rue de Tolbiac, 75013 Paris

     4th floor, Office A4 02

     Phone : 01 44 07 89 50

     Fax : 01 44 07 89 55

     Email : gdoulsan@univ-paris1.fr

     Open from Monday to Friday 8h45 to 01h00 AM and 01h30 to 5h00 PM.


- Doctors : Your are free to choose your doctor. You will find all addresses in the Pages-Jaunes


- Facilities for students with special needs :
     Mme Liliane Durocher

     Centre Pierre Mendès France

     90 rue de Tolbiac, 75013 Paris

     Office B11-08 (yellow lift)

     Phone : 01 44 07 89 27


- Useful link : Egide (Principles of social coverage. Different regimes. Additional health insurance coverage. Health services. Reimbursement of medical expenses. Preventive measures)