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Language of Instruction:

The language of the MMEF course is English, i.e., the courses and the supporting documentation (e.g., lecture notes, slides) are in English, exams are held in English, etc.

No course of English (as a second language) is provided during the two years, hence the ability to attend courses in English is asked. An English test (TOEFL, etc.) requirement is mandatory for those who did not get a degree with English taught courses. The precise requirement is formulated in the application form.

Language Learning :

During their time in Paris, students will have courses and other activities for improving in the language and in the knowledge of French culture. These courses will count as 6 ECTS credits per semester and the total of 12 ECTS is mandatory; no grade is given but only Pass or Fail.

The University of Paris 1 has a long recognized experience in teaching language courses. Typically a semester course (counting 6 ECTS credits) offers about 100 hours of teaching, which may concern the writing and speaking but also the culture and civilization of the country.

TCF - Test de connaissance du français

The TCF is the French language test awarded by the French Ministry of Education. It assesses a person’s level of French language for general purposes. It is intended for people who are not native French speakers and who wish to have their competency in French assessed and certified simply and reliably. After passing an exam in May, all candidates receive a certificate of results that grades them at one of six levels (from A1 to C2) on the competency scale defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).