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Type of visa:

  • Accepted into the Erasmus Mundus Master QEM Program and first semester is in:
    • Paris: long-term visa, marked student from the French Embassy.

    • Bielefeld: special student hybrid visa (Student Visa C+D) from the German Embassy, necessary so attend the required administrative first week in Paris.

    • Barcelona: special long-stay student visa (open type D), from the Spanish Embassy. This visa will allow you to travel within the European Union, for no more then 90 days per semester and attend the necessary administrative first week in Paris

    • Venice: special visa (Long stay or "national" (NV) Visa type D, from the Italian Embassy, with one or more entries and transit through the territory of France to attend the necessary administrative first week in Paris for a period of no more than five days.

  • Accepted into the accelerated program Erasmus Mundus Master QEM (Summer+QEM2): You will need two visas: a short stay visa marked student for your summer in Paris and a long-term visa marked student for your academic year (QEM2) in any partner University.

Note: You might not require a visa if you are a member of the European Union or EEE or from certain countries that do not require visas for studies less than three months if attending a summer program.

Visa application & process:

  • Make sure you have a valid passport (or ID card, if you are a European citizen) that will be valid for six months after the duration of your studies in Europe.

  • Apply at the French Embassy or Consulate (French embassies and consulates). Documents and fees asked for your visa depend on your native country and the reasons for travel. You should contact the relevant embassy before applying for more specific information.

Note: It can take as long as two months to process a visa application. Start as soon as possible. You must do the following:

  • apply from your home country or in your residence country, if you have a resident permit there;

  • apply from your host QEM partner university, where you spend your first semester (and after getting your residence permit there) 

If you are already a QEM1 student, you must email the QEM Program at qemapp@univ-paris1.fr, if any problem arises with the Embassy.