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60 ECTS credits in the MMEF Programme: 48 ECTS are scientific courses and 12 ECTS of French as a Foreign Language (FFL)

Scientific Courses: 48 ECTS credits to be chosen. 24 ECTS are mandatory (see below) and students can choose the elective courses to focus either on economics, finance or mathematical methods. The list below is still subject to modifications.

Foreign Language Courses: 11 ECTS. Each of the following two courses is mandatory: FFL(French as a Foreign Language)1-2  and FFL 3-4. Each of them are 6 ECTS (about 100 hours) of French language and culture. No grade is given (only Pass or Fail).

From our past experience the amount of French courses allows students to attend courses in French in the year following the MMEF Programme and in some cases even in the second semester of the MMEF Programme. Thus students are well trained to be able to apply in the second year of a (French taught) Master Degree in one of the French universities. 60% of our previous students were indeed accepted in a (French taught) Master Degree and the remaining 40% have chosen to continue in an English taught Master Programme such as QEM or to work in a firm.

Mathematical methods:

- First semester (Fall semester): - Second semester (Spring semester):
  • Linear algebra : 3,5 ECTS, Mandatory
  • Euclidean algebra : 3,5 ECTS, Mandatory
  • Statistics (First Part): 4 ECTS or Statistics: 7 ECTS

Quantitative Finance:

- First semester (Fall semester):
  • Introductory Finance : 3,5 ECTS
  • Corporate Finance : 3,5 ECTS
- Second semester (Spring semester):


- First semester (Fall semester) - Second semester (Spring semester):

In all fields:

Organization of the Year: Calendar of the year, timetable, and teachers and syllabi of the courses of the current year.

- Requirements: The language courses (attendance without grade) are mandatory together with the above-mentionned mandatory courses
- Reading Course, Research Project, or Internship: Elective and offered in the Second Semester. It counts 7 ECTS (within the 60 ECTS) but the Programme does not guarantee to find internships to students. Acceptance for this course is decided case by case by the Director of the Programme.
- Tutorship: 4 hours per week in each semester. 1 hour per week for every 4-hour course. Course is elective with no ECTS and no grade.
- Computer Assistance: One afternoon per week with a tutor available to assist. Elective with no ECTS and no grade.

For other courses taught in English, see