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Director of the Master :

Rémi Bazillier

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M2 Secretariat :

Dominique Gemain

90 rue de Tolbiac

75634 PARIS CEDEX 13
Office B1508
+33 (0)1 44 07 88 09

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Master in Development Economics and Sustainable Development

Welcome to the Website of the Masters in Development Economics!

Master 1 "Economie du développement"

Master 2 "Economie du Développement Durable"

Master 2 "Development Economics"


The aim of the Masters in Development Economics is to train students into highly qualified analysts of economic development issues. Its purpose is to answer the growing demand for experts capable of addressing the challenges of economic development, evaluating the economic policies of developing countries and analyzing the economic relations between unequally developed countries. The Master program offers rigorous training in analytical and quantitative economic methods. Its goal is indeed to equip talented students with a solid foundation for applied research. The program is however geared to both future academics and future practitioners in the field of development economics and international economics.

The program combines the benefits of “Grandes Ecoles” training (intensive teaching) and the strengths of the University (links to research activities, contact with the best experts..).


It is a two years-program with one year in French (M1 Economie du Développement) and one year fully in English (M2 Development Economics) or both in French and in English (M2 Economie du Développement Durable). But you can also follow a two-years program in English by doing the PSME (Paris Sorbonne Master in Economics) in the first year and the M2 Development Economics in the second year (see Opens internal link in current windowOrganization of the Study for more details).


A truly international program !

In Master 1, students have the possibility to combine a student mobility and an internship in Cairo (Egypt). Students will follow the second semester at the Cairo University, which is one of the top universities in emerging economies. An internship will be provided by one of our partner in Cairo (AFD, IRD, World Bank). It is a unique opportunity to get an experience in a developing country.

In Master 2, students are coming from all over the World (21 nationalities in 2016-2017, 25% are French).


An exclusive partnership with the Agence Française de Développement

Our Master Program and the research team (Economics of Sustainable Development, Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne) has an exclusive partnership agreeement with the research division of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD, the operator for France’s bilateral development finance mechanism). AFD professionals supervise students of the Master "Economie du Développement Durable" in working groups. We organize common events (research seminars, workshop, conferences).