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Study Program


IKSEM programme lasts one year and follows an apprenticeship calendar, where the university sessions (in general 2 weeks) are alternating with the on the job training (1 month) for the apprenticeship students or individual research projects / company creation projects for the others.

All students attend 4 mandatory courses that cover the interface between management and informatics and provide the basics of research methodology, required for accomplishing the Master Thesis. 

Besides the four mandatory courses, each student should create their personalized curricula by selecting 10 out of 12 proposed cources. 



First Semester

Opens external link in new windowISI1-Mod

Opens external link in new windowSaid Assar, Samira Si Said

Opens external link in new windowISI2-Proc

Rébecca Deneckere,  Elena Epure


Camille Salinesi


Camille Salinesi


Miguel Liottier


Irina Rychkova


Carine Souveyet, Angele Steffenel, Manuele Kirsh Pinheiro