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When is the last date for registration? When do courses start ?

Classes begin in mid September and students are advised to arrive 2 weeks prior to the start date of classes. This year, classes began on September 14th.  The international office can provide assistance for accommodation search, but the sooner you register the better. We cannot guarantee accommodation search assistance to latecomers.  For lodging at the CROUS or CIUP, you must arrive by September 1st.


What is the approximate time it takes for admission committee to consider candidates profile and decide whether she/he is accepted or not ?

We examine applications on an on-going basis until May 1st each year. You may send your application documents starting October 15th. We will give you an answer within one month starting in January.

Note that early application is a pre-requisite to be able to apply to scholarship programs, notably those offered by the French foreign affairs services.




Can I still apply to the Spring semester ?

The program is for a full year only, starting in the Fall semester.



I do not have training in Economics but in Sciences. Can I apply to the PSME ?

The PSME Program is open to all candidates holding a Bachelor degree in Economics. However, we accept a few students with a minor in Economics.



I hold a Bachelor of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics and would like to know if I can still apply because it was not an economics degree.

We require at least a minor in economics, and some intermediate level in mathematics. If you have not taken any economics courses, the PSME program is not well suited for you, because all of our students are supposed to have a background in economics.



I don't speak French at all. Can I apply to the PSME Program?

The PSME Program is specially designed for English-speaking international students who do not speak French. This program includes both economics and French language training in one package: it allows non-French speaking bachelor-level students to prepare optimally for further specialization in one of the regular Master programs at the University of Paris. So of course you can apply!



What are the main points to be included in the recommendation letter that would be of your university's interest ?

Letters of recommendation are usually provided by your professors, who give their opinion on your capacity to succeed in a Master program in Economics.



I will complete my undergraduate studies in June/July. I cannot send my diploma until then. Am I still able to apply to PSME this year ?

We can process your application if you submit transcripts up to the first term of the current academic year. Of course the decision will be conditional on submission of your BA degree.



Is there an age limitation for students applying to the PSME program ?

There is no age limit. The only constraint is that after 28 you cannot be insured by the student social security system. 



I am currently working full time in the financial sector. Can the recommendation letters be written by my supervisor or must they be from university professors ?

It is preferable that at least one letter of recommendation come from one of your former professors, but this is not compulsory.



Can I apply to the PSME program as an Erasmus student ?

The PSME program is a paying and selective program, so you cannot enter it as an Erasmus student.



In my country I have studied BAC+4 for the bachelor degree. Can I directly apply to a Master 2 ?

The PSME is a one-year program, corresponding to the first year of Master (M1), for international students. After the PSME, successful students can apply to M2 programs. If you wish to apply directly to an M2 program, you have to follow the regular procedures for M2 programs.