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Student life

Number 1 Student City

Continuously ranked the #1 top student city, you'll find the city of lights has a lot to offer at a relatively affordable price including access to leading academics, small class sizes, and a number of historical and cultural activities just minutes from your classroom located in Paris Center.



University Residence

Living in Paris, immersing yourself in a new culture, becoming part of a Parisian neighbourhood, interacting daily with your neighbours, landlord, the shopkeepers, etc. may be an exciting cultural experience for international students. However, you may prefer to look for university residence accommodation. In such a case, every effort is made by the PSME program and support services of the University to provide you with solutions. The two main possibilities are:

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Insurance and Health

Social security

Health insurance covering reimbursement of medical expenses is mandatory in order to obtain a residence permit. Students benefit from the students' health-insurance scheme (already included under Paris 1 registration fee) if they are less than 28 years old; otherwise they have to subscribe to a private insurance.

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In order for PSME students to find adequate reading and working space, there are several libraries which can be consulted for books and internet access. The libraries recommanded by the professors for economic students are:


Centre de documentation de la Maison des Sciences Economiques (MSE)

As most of the PSME courses are tought in this building specifically reserved for Master and Phd students in economics, it is the most convenient library for daily studying.

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Living in Paris

Paris is one of the most cosmopolitan and exciting of the world's capitals. It is busy, sophisticated, expensive, confusing and can be overwhelming to newcomers. However, if you take some time to ease yourself into the life of the city and have realistic expectations about the adaptation period that you and all newcomers experience, then you will soon find yourself part of Paris.

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University Restaurants

Students can go to any university restaurants for lunch and dinner. There are more than ten university restaurants throughout Paris. One ticket costs 2,85 euros. With this ticket, you can take an entry, a dish and a dessert.


The nearest restaurants from the center of Pantheon and the center of the Sorbonne are “Assas” and “Bullier”. They are both within 10 minutes on foot.

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