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Fees and payment

Fees and payment



What are the tuition fees of the programme? Does it cover accommodation fees ?

The tuition fees for the academic year of the PSME is set to 6 500 euros. The fee covers 60 ECTS credits in the Fall and the Spring semesters, which corresponds to what is required per year in the Bologna system. These fees do not cover Xerox, books, accommodation, health insurance), meals, or general expenses. However, accommodation reservation, library access, health insurance (for students below 28), and internet access will be provided.



What is the exact scheme for payment of tuition and registration fee ?

Students admitted for the PSME programme will be directed to a specific webpage for payment. Normally, the 6500 euros fees must be paid by mid-July.


Could you give me any information about approximate amount of living and accommodation expenses ?

You can find information about living expenses in: Living in Paris and its guide.