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I have always been studying in English. Do I have to take the TOEFL test?

If you have been studying in English, normally, you don't need the TOEFL test. However, you have to send all documents to the admission committee to confirm it.





I want to apply to the PSME Programme, but I haven't taken the TOEFL test yet. Can I apply and take the test at the same time?


Yes, you can send your application documents now and take the TOEFL test as soon as possible.




I have already learnt French for 2 months. Will I have a French course which fit my level ?


Normally you can have a French course which fit your level of French.





My TOEFL test dated more than 3 years. Can I use this for the application?


Your TOEFL test is a bit old. You can send all your application documents. If you are likely to be accepted in our programme, you can take another TOEFL test before 15th June to confirm your English level.