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Joint Workshop on Socio-Economics

The 4th Annual Joint Workshop on Socio-Economics

The future of the welfare state in a globalized world in crisis

Co-sponsored by FERDI, Fudan University and Paris 1 University

Paris, 5-6 July 2012

Maison des Sciences Economiques 106-112 Blvd. De l’Hôpital 75013 Paris




Co-Chairmen: Professors Jean-Claude Berthélémy, Patrick Guillaumont and Yuan Zhigang


Inaugural conference 9:00-9:45, room 114

Zhigang Yuan (Fudan University). How could the Chinese economy avoid its accelerated downward trend?

Comment by Gérard Duchêne (University of Paris 12).


The Russian counterfactual. 9:45-10:30, room 114

Jérôme Lefranc (University of Paris 1). Polarisation, middle class and redistributive policies in Russia.

Comment by Mathilde Maurel (University of Paris 1).


Coffee break. 10:30-10:45, room 115


Family policy. 10:45-12:15, room 114


Angela Luci Greulich (University of Paris 1). Determinants of the fertility rebound in certain highly developed countries.

Comment by Jin Feng (Fudan University).


Jingyue Xing (University of Paris 1). Economic regulation of home care providers for the elderly: an empirical study in France. (joint paper with Agnès Gramain).

Comment by Jérôme Gautié (University of Paris 1).


Lunch. 12:15-14:00, on the terrace in front of room 114


Wages. 14:00-15:30, Conference room 6th floor

Jin Feng (Fudan University). The incidence of employer contributions to social security: Evidence from China (joint paper with Lixin He and Hiroshi Sato).

Comment by Angela Luci (University of Paris 1).


Chloé Duvivier (CERDI). Are remote rural workers trapped in low-remunerated non-agricultural jobs? Evidence from China (joint paper with Shi Li and Mary-Françoise Renard).

Comment by Yan Zhang (Fudan University).


Coffee break. 15:30-15:45, terrace near the conference room, 6th floor


Health and care. 15:45-17:15, Conference room, 6th floor


Aurore Pélissier (CERDI). The Impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on activities and financing of township hospitals in Weifang, China (joint paper with Martine Audibert, Jacky Mathonnat, Xiao Xian Huang and Anning Ma).

Comment by Jin Feng (Fudan University).


Agnès Gramain (University of Paris 1). Reforming long-term care financing in France: key choices in the current debate (joint paper with Jérôme Wittwer).

Comment by Chun Ding (Fudan University).


Dinner (by invitation). 19:00, Restaurant Le Train Bleu, Gare de Lyon Place Louis Armand 75012 Paris.



Two aspects of the European social security system. 9:00-10:30, Conference room, 6th floor


Chun Ding (Fudan University). Causes and reforms of the European social security system in the financial crisis.

Comment by Isabelle Hirtzlin (Haute Autorité de Santé - French National Authority for Health).


Jérôme Gautié (University of Paris 1). Promoting lifelong learning through individual accounts: asset-based versus capability-based policies (joint paper with Coralie Perez).

Comment by Yongqing Wang and Zhigang Yuan  (Fudan University).


Coffee break. 10:30-10:45, terrace near the conference room, 6th floor


Decentralization and delegation. 10:45-12:15, room 114

Stéphane Gauthier (University of Paris 1). Delegation of rationing decisions (joint paper with Philippe Choné).

Comment by Yonqin Wang  (Fudan University).


Yan Zhang (Fudan University). The effects of “direct control of province over county (Sheng Guan Xian)”. Fiscal reform of public service provision: Evidence from Yangzi river delta.

Comment by Zhigang Yuan  (Fudan University).


Lunch. 12:15-14:00, on the terrace in front of the conference room, 6th floor


International relations and welfare. 14:00-16:15, Conference room, 6th floor


Yongqin Wang (Fudan University). Estimating the peace dividend in the shadow of war: Evidence from the Taiwan Straits crisis (joint paper with Julan Du and Xiang Zuo) .

Comment by Diana Cheung (University of Paris 1).


Ping Hua (CERDI). The economic and social effects of the real appreciation of the renminbi.

Comment by Yongqin Wang (Fudan University).


Each session lasts 90 minutes, with 25 minutes for the presentation of each paper, 10 minutes for each comment and 2*10 minutes for questions from the floor.