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Master in Development Studies - Social development: work, education and health


Labor, training and health are three strongly linked areas in the social reality of the populations of the developing countries.

This course aims to give professionals and future development professionals:

  • Conceptual, analytical and methodological tools to better control their own practices in the field of labor relations, education and health;
  • Ways of assessing the social impact of development operations. This evaluation is based on the confrontation of projects, expectations with concrete, often unexpected, dynamics that must be analyzed and controlled.

Theoretical education and practical training are closely linked by progressively emphasizing the professionalising dimension of pedagogy. Methodological issues and case studies in Africa, Latin America and Asia are preferred.


For any information related to the enrollment in Master in the IEDES:

Opens window for sending emailiedes@univ-paris1.fr

Course leaders:
Karine Marazyan
, Lecturer in Economics
Tania Angeloff, Professor of Sociology