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Macroeconomic Dynamics and Growth

 Macroeconomic Dynamics and Growth


Course Syllabus

Summer 2007



Course Title: Macroeconomic Dynamics and Growth



Instructors: Cuong Le Van



Course Objective:



Required Texts and References: C. Le Van and R.A. Dana: " Dynamic Programming in Economics", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003



Description: We study the factors of growth in a neoclassical growth models framework. Several growth factors are well-known: saving rate, technical progress, initial endowments. We show how one can endogenize the two first factors. Then, the importance of initial ressources, and hence aid or borrowing, will be pointed out, especially for a devoping country which wants to escape from the poverty trap.



Course Content:



Teaching Method: Lecture, discussion and problem solving



Oral & Written Communications Content: Discussion in class and problem solving on exams



Attendance: Mandatory. You are responsible for all the material covered in class as well as all announcements, whether you are present or not.



Evaluation: A mid-term exam and a final exam. Each exam counts for 40% of the students' final grade. The last 20% are provided by the participation. The dates for the exams will be announced on the website.



Description of the Course: See here.