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Nicholas Sowels

Maître de conférences [Langues et littératures anglaises et anglo-saxonnes]

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DDL : Département Des Langues

Courriel : Nicholas.Sowels@univ-paris1.fr
Autre adresse courriel : Nicholas.Sowels@univ-paris1.fr
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Localisation : Université Paris 1
Département des langues
90 rue de Tolbiac
75013 Paris
Thèmes de recherche :

I am currently working on questions related to the financial and economic crisis which started in 2007-2008. More specifically my present work concerns how monetary policy contributed to the crisis; the use of unconventional monetary policy since the crisis; continuing problems relating to financial markets; and the question of how rising inequalities are not only social problems but actually factors contributing to the on-going state of crisis.

My research looks at these issues mainly with respect to the British and American economies.

Previously, I worked on government and public services in the United Kingdom under the Conservative governments (1979-1997) and under the New Labour governments (1997-2010).

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Centre de Recherches en Civilisation britannique (CREC) : Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle
Institut du Monde Anglophone Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 5, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine
75006 Paris, France