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Raúl Mazo Pena

Maître de conférences [Informatique]

Affectation(s) :

UFR27 : Mathématiques et Informatique,
EA 1445 - CRI : Centre de recherche en informatique

Courriel : Raul.Mazo@univ-paris1.fr
Autre adresse courriel :
Téléphone(s) :
Fax :
Localisation : Centre de Recherche en Informatique (CRI)
Université Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne
90 rue de Tolbiac,
75013 Paris - France

For coming to my office: take line 14 of the Parisian metro and get off at Olympiades metro station, then go to the PMF building (90 rue de Tolbiac) and take the yellow elevators until the 14th floor, then walk in direction of the Sector C, Room C1405.

Feel free to contact me in French, English or Spanish
Thèmes de recherche :

My primary area of research is software engineering. In particular, my research focuses on
(1) requirements engineering for component-based software development;
(2) model-based development of (dynamic) software-product lines;
(3) domain-specific modelling and metamodeling languages to specify variability models;
(4) configuration and derivation of (dynamic) product lines;
(5) definition of methods to integrate, validate, verify, analyse and configure variability models; and
(6) construction, selection and implementation of ERP systems, which are an example of systems with variability in the domain of enterprise software.

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EA 1445 - CRI : Centre de recherche en informatique