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Master in Development Studies - Crisis: emergency interventions and development actions


Since the beginning of the 90’s, crises have popped up all throughout the world and some are of types we haven’t seen before. As a result the international community has to adapt its interventions depending on the types of actors engaged (diplomats, armies, NGOs) and in the way of intervention (urgency, rebuilding, development, mediation and actions of peace).

Aid and cooperation are being deeply restructured: financial means and staff are oriented towards East Europe to the detriment of other regions like Africa. At the same time, new regional organizations appear and new international regulation institutions are reinforced (UN, OCDE …). The development of armed conflict is encouraged by economic instabilities (fragile states, privatizations, mass dismissals in the public function, international community interference), social crises (hunger riots, displacements…) and ideological crises (authoritarianism, populism, fundamentalism …).

The specialty’s teaching correspond to the different stages in the comprehension of a crisis:

  • Diagnosing the different aspects of the crises

  • Identifying the existing resolution resources

  • Finding ways to mobilize them

  • Supporting the reconstruction, reparation and prevention of the

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