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Master in Development Studies - Local development: actors, mobilizations and territories


Local development

Local development is a specific and transversal approach to social change. Differently valued throughout the ages, it has known for ten years a strengthening and actualization under multiple acceptances: territorial development, sustainable development, social economy and solidarity, endogenous and participatory development, integrated development etc. Far from being merely a scale of intervention, the local is an observing point of the changing global world and a modality of action by which actors strengthen their ability to change their destiny.

An approach favored by international organizations, international cooperations and associations / NGOs, local development aims to establish a social compromise between actors, territories and resources. It seeks to develop local resources (economic, human, social and historical), to reinforce the capacity of the actors to think of themselves as the engines of the development of their territory and not simply as beneficiaries and resolutely implies a dynamic Participatory and long-term.

In the context of the so-called Southern countries to which this master's degree is more specifically devoted, local development activities take place in a context marked by the deepening of decentralization processes, an ever-increasing urbanization that is the source of increasing demands for equality, Access to the city and urban services, commercialization of collective services, strong tensions linked to urban and rural land access and control, land grabbing and the survival of the peasant world, rising socio- The transfer of a growing number of economic and social tasks to private actors and civil society organizations, the rise of multinational private operators (mining and agri-food in particular), the "injunction" for participation, Renewed citizenship and intensified forms of collective mobilization.


The course "Local Development" aims to train students to:

  • understand the historical, cultural and socio-political context in which the development and international aid sector is today;
  • consider the plurality of logics and local actors involved in development projects (State, local and regional authorities (rural and urban), private operators, actors in decentralized cooperation, media, associations, social movements).
  • have a critical approach to development and local development in particular;
  • understand the development processes at micro and macro scales on a territory and its impacts on local spaces and populations;
  • master local development intervention tools (territorial diagnosis, participation, microfinance, urban governance)
  • acquire the professional tools of project management (project cycle, financial monitoring, evaluation).

The training is aimed both at future professionals (decentralized cooperation, NGOs, national and international public co-operation, foundations, consultant) and future researchers working in France or abroad.


For any information related to the enrollment in Master in the IEDES: Opens window for sending emailiedes@univ-paris1.fr

Sylvie Capitant, Lecturer in Sociology


Specificities :

- Training in local development oriented towards the South
- Trail in 2 years
- Multidisciplinary approach
- Backed by an institute whose expertise in development studies has been recognized for almost 60 years
- Possibility of international mobility in S3


Débouchés :

Quelques postes occupés par des ancien-ne-s de la formation:
- Chargé de mission au sein du FMDV (Fonds mondial pour le développement des villes)
- Chargé de mission, Fédération nationale
d’Agriculture biologique ;
-Expert Gouvernance locale, GIZ ;
- Chef de projet ESS, Agence pour la promotion
et le développement des provinces du Maroc
- Chargé de projet, SIDI.
- Chef de projet de développement urbain, Afrique de l’Ouest, AFD.
- Chercheur junior, UN Habitat