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Master in Development Studies - Human and Social Sciences


The development of the southern countries and the effects of globalization in the world, particularly in their economic and social components, are more than ever a major issue, both academically and politically. The various crises - social, environmental, food, economic and financial - that cross the global economy underscore the need for developing countries to have strong economic, social and institutional foundations to overcome these instabilities over the long term. It is not only a question of managing difficult circumstances, but also of placing oneself in a long-term horizon in order to avoid recurring crises that are severely penalizing for development.

There is indeed a specific subject that concerns the question of change in all societies, in those of the so-called developed countries as well as those of the so-called developing or emerging countries, and a family of trades particularly dedicated to this subject: International organizations, bilateral cooperation frameworks, consultancy firms, consultants, heads of non-governmental organizations, etc. This subject is also a field of reflection and research whose problems are renewed in the research institutions of the North and even more of the South.

The master's degree proposed by the IEDES is aimed at a wide range of audiences: French students first, European and third country nationals then, in initial or continuing education for the most part, but also professionals Having already acquired experience in the field of development and wishing to obtain a complementary qualification of university dimension.

Master in Development Studies - Human and Social Sciences: 3 adapted professional courses:

Social and economic development: work, training, health
Local development: actors, mobilizations and territories
Crises: emergency response and development actions

And 1 Research course:

Developing societies and political recompositions

These courses respond to the diversity of careers and opportunities currently offered in the field of international cooperation and development, and beyond that, to the specialized skills sought by private organizations in developing countries. The graduates of these specializations ED SHS are intended to integrate all the sectors related to development in France in the EU and abroad. They may be required to work in senior level positions (in charge of missions, department heads and departments) in the territorial, national, European and international public service. They can apply for positions in country mission heads and regional heads in NGOs and OSIs, researchers and program managers in research organizations, and as experts and consultants in research and development offices. advice. In addition to the public and not-for-profit sectors, special attention is also given to possible outlets in the private sector (banking, insurance, trade, various industrial sectors, etc.), which are increasingly called upon to integrate objectives in terms of Sustainable development or corporate social responsibility.