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Centre Belle Gabrielle
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Institut de Recherche et d'Études Supérieures du Tourisme homepage


Created in 1961, the Centre for Higher Studies on Tourism (CEST) became in 1989 the Institute of Research and Higher Studies on tourism (IREST).


The IREST is an interdisciplinary Institute attached to the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University who offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in  the areas of Tourism Planning, of Heritage management, of Hotel and Tourism Management, of International Tourism and Tourism and the Law, in Paris and abroad, in French and in English.


The IREST prepares also a Research Master on "Tourism, Environment, Heritage" aiming at preparing PhD studies on Tourism.


The Institute also offers a university degree "Tourism International, the French approach" open to international students and professionals.


The IREST research activities are structured within of the EIREST research center which brings together a large number of researchers and PdD students working on tourism in an interdisciplinary approach.


The IREST coordinates the activities of the UNESCO Chair "Culture, tourism, development" and of the International UNESCO UNITWIN network composed of several universities in the 5 continents.


The IREST celebrated in 2011 its 50th anniversary. An anniversary book tracing its history was published on this occasion.