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Travail et Etudes sociales, AES et droit social - UFR12

General presentation



- When the University of Paris 1 was created, teaching and research activities in labour relations and social policy were already highly developed and it is these activities that form the basis of the Public and Private Sector Management and Social Law Department.



- It is the diversity of this Department which constitutes its wealth:

  • many disciplines are represented: law, economics, sociology, history, etc.
  • many different degree courses are offered, some of which are pluridisciplinary in nature (undergraduate degrees in Public and Private Sector Management, a postgraduate degree in Social Policies and Society), while others are more specialised (undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Social Law); what they have in common is that they all examine different facets of the 'social sector'.



The Department is in fact subdivided into two sections, Public and Private Sector Management, and Social Law, thus enabling specialists from different disciplines to work together on subjects of common interest.


The Public and Private Sector Management and Social Law Department organises teaching and research in the following areas :


  • the political, economic and social aspects of national and local government and the public sector;
  • human resource management in the private and public sectors;
  • social policy, social protection, vocational training policy, employment policy;
  • social law. The following degree courses are offered:
  • a pluridisciplinary two-year course in Public and Private Sector Management;
  • third and fourth year pluridisciplinary courses in Public and Private Sector Management (majoring in Human Resources or Social Development);
  • third and fourth year courses in Social Law;
  • several postgraduate degrees.