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Etudes juridiques générales - UFR26


Etudes juridiques générales

General presentation



The General Law Department works with the other law departments and the politics department; all law students taking their first degree and first and second year politics students enrol in this Department.



The Department was set up in 1998 and is entirely responsible for the administration of the undergraduate law degrees offered by Paris 1. The first two years are common to all students but in their third year, law students specialise in one of five areas: Public Law, Business Law, International Law, Law and Politics, or Social Law.



Graduates from this department may then apply to the other law and politics departments who are in charge of further degrees in law or politics respectively.



New joint degrees have recently been introduced in conjunction with departments teaching subjects other than law: Law and Economics, Law and Art History and Archaeology, Law and Business Management.

These are full four-year courses, a degree being awarded at the end of the third and fourth years. Students thus acquire a solid background in two areas of study. At the end of each academic year, students may drop one of the majors and enrol in a classical degree course in the other major. A new joint degree in Law and Philosophy is currently being envisaged.



- The Department is responsible for law classes taught abroad (Cairo and Bucharest:


  • classes will be set up in Argentina in the near future) under the aegis of Paris 1.



- The Department is also responsible for courses of study that are common to the different law departments:


  • A special Introduction to Law diploma for those who do not have the baccalaureate and wish to enrol at university.
  • The Magistère (a special three-year diploma) in Business Law and Public Law.
François Ameli, Directeur
Directeur du Département