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Classes and assessments


The university offers two types of classes (cours magistraux and travaux dirigés) and two types of assessments (contrôle continu and contrôle final).

Two types of classes

Lectures (Cours Magistraux): generally taught in lecture theatres of 100 to 1000 places, lectures are similar to conferences led by the tutors ; in addition to the notes that they have taken during the classes, students often have teaching materials that have been indicated to them by the tutor in order to prepare for their exams. The latter are written and generally take place at the end of the semester.

Tutorials (Travaux Dirigés [TD]): taking place in rooms of 20 to 30 places, tutorials are relatively more interactive than lectures ; they enable theoretical knowledge gained in lectures to be deepened and put into practice. The assessment of knowledge gained in tutorials is generally done orally (presentation) or written (dissertation, commentary on a text or judgment…) throughout the year.


Two types of assessment

Continuous Assessment (Contrôle Continu): on the assumption that you have attended lectures (Cours Magistraux) and tutorials (Travaux Dirigés [TD]), Continuous Assessment is by way of regular assessments during the semester and exams at the end of the semester (which are called “partials”).
Final Assessment (Contrôle Terminal): open only to certain students (in particular exchange students who have obtained the agreement of the teacher-delegate at international relations relating to their apartment), Final Assessment consists of taking exams only at the end of the semester, whether they are written or oral.



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