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French classes


To help you perfect your French, the university offers specific language classes throughout the year. If you are arriving as part of a student exchange programme with your university of origin, you can also have intensive classes during the integration week that precedes the start of term. Finally, linguistic tandems are open to enable you to practice the language of Voltaire in a friendly way… You can really become completely francophone!

Intensive French classes during the integration week

Have you been accepted at Paris 1 as part of a student exchange programme with your university of origin? Good news: you can have intensive French classes during the integration week that precedes the start of term in September (if you are coming for the first semester or for the university year) or in January (if you are coming for the second semester).

After a test aimed at assessing your level, you will take 20h of general French and 1h30 of legal French if you are a law student. Methodology classes, information meetings and social activities also make up the programme of the week, which enables you to obtain 3 to 4 ECTS credits.

Registration deadline (subject to availability): 30 June for the September week and 30 November for the January week.

More information: see the “integration” page.


Term-time French classes

As a foreign student, you can take 1h30 French classes per week during the first and/or second semester at the university. To do so, you must firstly complete your administrative and academic registration. If you have not taken part in the integration week, you must also take an online test.


These steps will enable you to choose a class corresponding to your level on reservalang, bearing in mind that it must be at least equal to B1-B2 if you are completing an Undergraduate Degree and C1 if you are completing a Masters (these thresholds for mastering French are essential to be accepted at Paris 1, apart from certain courses in English).

Finally, a web platform has been put in place to offer you extra classes and exercises online.

More information: see the page of the department of languages.


Linguistic tandems

Chatting with a foreigner, both in his or her language and in your own: that it is the principle of a linguistic tandem. Created by a teacher of the languages department, the Google+ community “AMI-Tandem Paris 1” puts you in contact with other students of the university wishing to take part in a tandem. You can exchange by written, audio or video chat, as well as leaving the virtual sphere to meet over a coffee!


Several organisations also offer conversation groups, linguistic exchange workshops and other multilingual evenings: ISAP1 (International Student Association of Paris 1), the CIPJ (International Club for Young People in Paris) or even the CIUP (International Halls of Residence).

More information: www.etudiantdeparis.fr/node/76



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