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In order to ease your arrival at the University and your settling in Paris, several events are set up when you arrive : integration week for exchange students, the welcome service for foreign students and the event Student in Paris.

The integration week for exchange students at the university 

Have you been accepted at Paris 1 in a student exchange program organised with your university of origin? Good news : you can take advantage of an integration week during the days preceding the start of term in September (if you are coming for the first semester or the academic year) or in January (if you are coming for the second semester). The program includes :     
French and methodology classes : 20h of general French (+ 1h30 of legal French if you are a law student), 3h of general methodology (or 10h of legal methodology if you are a law student) and 1h30 of documentary research methodology with the librarians ;
Information meetings with your different contacts at the university : the department of international relations, the department of languages, the tutor-delegates at international relations, the services for “student life”, “sport”, “health” and “IT” and the ISAP1 Association (International Student Association of Paris 1).
A closing drinks evening, ideal for meeting other students in a friendly way (whether they are French or foreign) and with the tutors and staff of the university.
Please take note that enrolment is before 30 June (for the September week) or before 30 November (for the January week) limited to available places.
More information: welcoming@univ-paris1.fr (the 2017-2018 integration weeks : from 8th to 15th September 2017 & from 12th to 19th January 2018).


The welcome service for foreign students at the cité internationale

In order to deal with the formalities involved in your settling in, there is no need to run to the four corners of the city : come to the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris! From August to November, you will find representatives from several administrations :
► RATP for transport passes and tickets (metro, bus, vélib (free bicycles), autolib (free cars)…)
► OFII for procedures linked to visas and residence permits
► DIRECCTE for information on the legislation relating to student work
► CAF for applications for housing assistance
► LMDE, SMEREP and CPAM for health insurance
► Acc&ss Paris, to guide you towards the different contacts present and to give further information on looking for accommodation, learning French or leisure pursuits in Paris.
The welcome service is provided in not less than 11 languages : French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Farsi, Japanese, Chinese.
More information: www.ciup.fr/saee (the 2016 welcome service : from 22 August to 10 November).


The event Student in Paris on the forecourt of the Town Hall

Fancy a house share coffee to meet your future housemate around an espresso? Or a shiatsu massage to relax you before classes start? Or open air concerts to discover Paris music? Come to the forecourt of the Town Hall for the event Student in Paris at the beginning of September. There you will find stands and activities that are arranged with one aim : to help you to start the year well. Tents are organised according to several themes :
accommodation, with “house share coffee” and organisations offering renting and house shares ;
health, with workshops on “massages” & “stress/sleep” prevention and organisations working for the physical and psychological well-being of students ;
employment, with talks by businesses and services offering student jobs ;
citizen commitment, with student associations active in the areas of sustainable development, academic support, humanitarian matters or intergenerational solidarity ;
leisure pursuits, with workshops in “up-cycling” & “initiation in radiophonic practices” and exchanges of good sporting or cultural plans.
More information: etudiant-a-paris.strikingly.com (the 2016 event Student in Paris: from 6 to 8 September).


Images: photo d'étudiants lors de la semaine d'intégration des étudiants en échange de septembre 2010 (© Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Service communication); visuel officiel du service d'accueil des étudiants étrangers (© Cité internationale universitaire de Paris) ; affiche de l'opération "c'est la rentrée!" 2015 (© Mairie de Paris & CROUS de Paris)